Mash Ups


Hallowen Mash Up

Release yo' nightmare - Method Man vs DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince (solcofn mix)

Devil Donor - Zomboy vs 666 (Solcofn Mix)


Xmas Mash Ups

Solcofn - Nude Christmas (The Supremes vs Radiohead)

solcofn - red nosed 5 (The Temptations vs Sneaker Pimps)

solcofn - I saw mommy kissing the bassbin twins (Jackson 5 vs Bassbin Twins)

solcofn - knife hand chop christmas (Destiny's Child vs Knife Hand Chop)



Born Mad - Lana Del Rey vs Muse (solcofn mix)

Call to the unsung - Evol Intent vs Helmet (Solcofn mix)

Getting Strict - Christina Aguilera vs Goldfrapp (solcofn mix)

I see the womanizer in your eyes - Chase & Status vs Britney Spears (solcofn mix)

Stay Up Late Rolling - Drop The Lime vs Adele (solcofn mix)

Sun Proof - The Chemical Brothers vs La Roux (Solcofn MIx)




Sequence of Bass - Umek vs Britney Spears (Solcofn Mix)

Brixton Roll - Chase & Status vs Britney Spears (Solcofn Mix)

Hot Mode - Hot Chip vs Depeche Mode (Solcofn Mix)




I'm not ready for the floor - Hot Chip vs La Roux (solcofn mix)

F.E.A.R. ET - Ian Brown vs Katy Perry (solcofn mix)

Drop Dead Fader - Britney Spears vs The Temper Trap (solcofn Mix)

Speed On Through - McAlmont and Butler vs The Doors (solcofn mix)

Kiss The Heartbreaker - Siouxsie & The Banshees vs Metronomy (solcofn mix)

Rolling In The Echoes - Adele vs Klaxons (solcofn mix)

The Only Dub In The World - Rihanna vs St Germain (solcofn mix)

Walking With My Father In A Dream - Empire Of the Sun vs Julio Bashmore (solcofn mix)

I Love Rocking Da Funk Train - Joan Jett vs Queen vs Daft Punk vs Peguin Prison (solcofn mix)




This is how I get around - Montell Jordan vs Dragonette (solcofn mix)

Superstar Magic - Cirrus vs Ciara ft Justin Timberlake (solcofn mix)

Mercy Shack - Duffy vs The B52's (solcofn mix)

Disturbia Disco - Rihanna vs Streetlife DJs (solcofn mix)

Disco DJ - Benassi vs David Bowie (solcofn mix)



When you were greel - The Killers vs Sebastian (solcofn mix)

Ok Run - Ok Go vs Gnarls Barkley (solcofn mix)

Blackened is the way - Metallica vs Spor (solcofn mix)

Rock you there - Janet Jackson vs Sean Kingston (solcofn mix)

Music under the influence - Rihanna vs Chemical Brothers (solcofn mix)





Halos and Hang ups - Madonna vs Evol Intent (solcofn mix)

G Love - Nine Inch Nails vs Fatboy Slim (solcofn mix)

Drop it like it's Phantom - Snoop Dogg vs Justice (solcofn mix)

Shut up and Skank - Rihanna vs Fatboy Slim (solcofn mix)

Nifty Shit - Nifty vs Timbaland and Magoo ft Missy Elliot (solcofn mix)

Barnyard Gal - The Bulgarian vs Alison Hinds (solcofn mix)

Gotta work to have it so good - Amerie vs RJD2 (solcofn mix)

lil mamas prayer - Bloc Party vs lil mama (solcofn mix)

Makes me stupid - Maroon 5 vs Disturbed (solcofn mix)

Star right - Muse vs Nelly Furtado (solcofn mix)

Star right - Muse vs Nelly Furtado (solcofn mix)v2

Crazy Girls - Gnarls Barkley vs Sean Kingston (solcofn Mix)

Crazy Girls - Gnarls Barkley vs Sean Kingston (solcofn Mix)v2

Animal Love - Simian Mobile Disco vs The Cardigans (solcofn mix)

I are fantastic - Madox vs Timbaland (solcofn mix)

Rain on the brain - Deportivo Street Team vs Rihanna (solcofn mix)

Groove Machine - Madonna vs Dada Life (solcofn mix)

Cantaloop It - US3 vs Nelly Furtado (solcofn mix)

Renegade Rockstars - Rage Against The Machine vs The Shop Boys (solcofn mix)

My cassete singles are irreplaceable - Fujiya & Miyagi vs Beyonce (solcofn mix)

She comes behind the wheel - Danny Darko vs Depeche Mode (solcofn mix)

(Here Comes The) Champ In Black - The Mohawks vs.
Ini Kamoze vs.
AC/DC(Solcofn vs DJ BC vs ComaR mix)

Love me or cut me - Lady Sov vs Blow (solcofn mix)

Nelly is a wildcat - Nelly Furtado vs Ratatat (solcofn mix)

Glamorous Colours - Fergie vs Hot Chip (solcofn mix)

Coming back 4 my people - Elite Force vs Missy Elliot (solcofn mix)

Deep in love - Janet Jackson vs St. Germain (solcofn mix

work it with a fury - Missy Elliot vs Chemical Brothers (solcofn mix)

equation free - Equal I vs Mya (solcofn mix)

Fergie is on fire - Prodigy vs Fergie (solcofn mix)

Supersonic Surrender - Jamiroquai vs The Chemical Brothers (solcofn mix)

Fever for the Famous - Madonna vs Sascha Funke (solcofn mix)

The Naf Monk gets a Lapdance - Kerowack vs NERD (solcofn mix)

In disco we trust - Chemical Brothers vs 50 cent (solcofn mix)

Ciara gets a virus - Magik Johnson vs Ciara (solcofn mix)

kelly gets scorched - Kelly Clarkson vs Sasha and Emerson (solcofn mix)

think about lovin - Rihanna vs St Germain (solcofn mix)

loo's your body - Smart E's vs Justin Timberlake (solcofn mix)

We do have love - Ashlee Simpson vs Dada Life (solcofn mix)

me against the rave nation - Madonna & Brintey Spears vs RJ's Rule (solcofn mix)

ain't no glint - Christina Aguilera vs The Chemical Brothers (solcofn mix)

Only U can keep me High and Dry - Ashanti vs Radiohead (solcofn mix).mp3

Smack that tank girl - Trashtalk vs Akon (solcofn mix)

Private Smile - Groove Armada vs Lily Allen (solcofn mix)




Bend my love - Mya vs Radiohead (solcofn mix)

Professional Dancer - Armand Van Helden vs Genesis (solcofn mix)

Random Skid - Wekid vs Lady Sov (solcofn mix)

Bob Moroder - Jupiter Black vs Bob Marley (solcofn mix)

Kill Fergie - Tomboy vs Fergie (solcofn mix)

Jique Party - Brazilian Girls vs 2 Live Crew (solcofn mix)

Digital Furtado - Digitalism vs Nelly Furtado (solcofn mix)

mya cheated the man of steal - Mya vs Yeah Yeah Yeahs vs Vinyl Syndicate (solcofn mix)

two lovers beside me - Mary Wells vs Kasbian (solcofn mix)

Stop EVA - Jean Jacques Perrey vs Q-tip (solcofn mix)

endlessly trying - Muse vs Aaliyah (solcofn mix)

Lost in the Deja Vu - Beyonce & Jay Z vs The Chemical Brothers (solcofn mix)

Boogie Island - Tweet vs Fatboy Slim (solcofn mix)

phat as hell - Leftfield vs Pink Floyd (solcofn mix)

mack power - Mark Morrison vs Cyantific (solcofn mix)

Good Gravy - Sasha vs Gorillaz (solcofn mix)

Rock-a-syndrome - Aretha Franklin vs Muse (solcofn mix)

Western 9 to 5 - General Midi vs Lady Sov (solcofn mix)

Exterminate the love - Primal Scream vs Candi Station (solcofn mix)

the way train - Goldfrapp vs Michael Jackson (solcofn mix)

can I have trahison - Pharrell vs Vitalic (solcofn mix)

so you want la breeze - Simian vs Beastie Boys (solcofn mix)

anytime you want skulls - The Who vs Slacknote (solcofn mix)

an open letter to hussein - Dzihan & Kamien vs Beastie Boys (solcofn mix)



Turn on some loose booty music - Trevor Loveys vs. Marvin Gaye (solcofn mix)

dem girls giddy up - Mutiny vs Salt n Pepa (solcofn mix)

dont mug crockett - Jan Hammer vs The Streets (solcofn mix)

let me know I'm number 1 - Freq Nasty vs Playgroup (solcofn mix)

People still have bedroom toys - Duran Duran vs La Tour (solcofn mix)

happiness is a secret- Cuba Gooding vs David Last (solcofn mix)

N 2 gether Renagades - Limp Bizkit vs Rage against the machine (solcofn mix)

baby's got a glow skull - Prodigy vs Voodoo Glow Skulls (solcofn mix)

paranoid woman - Alicia Keys vs Radiohead (solcofn mix)

Billie's Fallin' - Michael Jackson vs Korn (solcofn mix)

I miss this love - Mirwais vs Maroon 5 (solcofn mix)

my steam machine house - daft punk vs moblegazer (solcofn mix)

what's left if I ain't got you - Alicia Keys vs Junior Jack vs RJD2 ( solcofn mix)

the mack makes love - Mark Morrison vs Daft Punk (solcofn mix)

cruel shake summer break - Chemical Brothers vs Ace of Base (solcofn mix)

lazy carousel sex - David Holmes vs Benassi Bros vs X-Press 2 (solcofn mix)

what you want is $165 million + interest - David Holmes vs The Roots (solcofn mix)

dance hall robot - Princess Superstar vs The Juan Maclean (solcofn mix)

four M.I.A. - Four Tet vs M.I.A. (solcofn mix)

frontin' on the metro - Pharrell & Jay-Z vs Lunatic Calm (solcofn mix)

What have you done for me lately - Janet Jackson vs T. Bangalter (solcofn mix)

long hard road to rock n roll - Marilyn Manson vs Britney Spears (solcofn mix)

Franz Jets - Franz Ferdinand (Nagarrius remix) vs The Jets (solcofn mix)

A generation stands up- The Who vs Ludacris (solcofn mix)

disco scratch - The Tramps vs T.Bangalter (solcofn mix)

Evil Shannon - Evil Nine vs Shannon (solcofn mix)

no pain no gain - Fischerspooner vs Nine Inch Nails (solcofn mix)

Bucky's breeding - M.I.A. vs Humate (solcofn mix)

feeding from the flames - Kelli Ali vs Infusion (solcofn club mix)

get it on with a man like me - Marvin Gaye vs Lemon Jelly (solcofn mix)

I know I'm gonna leave you the hammer - RJD2 vs Hybrid vs Led Zepplin (solcofn mix)

The groove is hella good - Deelite vs No Doubt (solcofn mix)

Disco Roses - Outkast vs LCD Soundsystem (solcofn mix)

Christina's skin - Front 242 vs Christinia Aguilera (solcofn mix)

plump madonna - Plump DJs vs Madonna (solcofn mix)

wicked oh - Chris Isaak vs Ciara ft ludacris (solcofn mix)

wooo fire - Vitalic vs The Doors (solcofn mix)



undo the end -Bjork vs Linkin Park (solcofn mix)

astounded saliva - Curtis Mayfiled vs RJD2 (solcofn mix)

their law be clubbin - Prodigy vs Ice Cube and DMX (solcofn mix)

that's just the way drugs is - Prodigy vs Kool Keith(solcofn mix

cream is what it's worth - Wutang vs. Buffalo Springfield (solcofn mix)

ghetto tits - Peaches vs Outkast (solcofn mix)

I feel New Orleans - REM vs Kaskade (solcofn mix)

real obscured - Tricky vs Pink Floyd (solcofn mix)

we need a walk - Aaliyah vs Boom Bip (solcofn mix)



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